Crisis Equals Opportunity

Once again, reality was altered for millions of us this week. From the catastrophic loss of life, homes, property to the mere inconvenience of power outages and closed down transit systems, life feels different today. Many of the preoccupations of three days ago seem less important now. We are shaken up, pulled out of our habitual mindsets—ways of thinking and being which often cut ourselves off from our true selves and our sense of connection to the whole. Unfortunately, truth and chaos are often linked in this way.

If, in fact, as stated in Seven Life Lessons of Chaos creativity is about getting to the ‘truth’ of things, getting beyond what we take for granted, then there is a significant creative opportunity here. The British psychologist N.K. Humphrey claims that our greatest use of human creative intellect is not in art or science but in the day to day spontaneous acts by which we hold our society together…our small and large moments of empathy and transformation.

So amidst all the devastation, hardship and distraction there is an opportunity here to wake ourselves up a bit to what really matters, to step up in small ways on a daily basis to our own truth, to our real creativity….whatever form that may take. Think about it a bit….it’s a good opportunity.

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