Life works…

This is in the ‘as good as it gets’ category in the life of a freelance photographer. The very personal image on the right is, simply, my back porch shot on a rainy morning. Rain and mist offer wonderful visual opportunities for capturing evocative images. This one found it’s way to a much bigger audience, ending up as the cover to bestselling author Nicholas Sparks’ latest novel, shown on the right.

  • Noreen

    You never cease to awe me.

  • Such a beautiful image. Must be something to read the book knowing that your image was selected as the visual mood reference for that story. I am really happy for you Elisabeth! Have a great day!

  • Mark

    Congratulations on your very beautiful book cover. It is simply perfect!

  • Debi adams

    I am reading the book and loved the cover so much I googled to find you. Lovely work! Fyi, in the description of the photos above I think you refer to both on the right. Did you mean the personal image on the left?

    • Elizabeth

      Ooops! Yes…a blunder. thank you for pointing it out to me, and your compliment.

  • Melanie

    Truth be told ┬┤it wasn’t the book that spoke to me – it was the cover picture. I’ve never before felt such a strong connection to a picture, weird :-)) I envy you for such a beautiful back porch, it looks like a gateway to tranquility.

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you. It was a magically serene place…’a gateway to tranquility’ indeed!

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