The upside of Chaos….

“The scientific term ‘chaos’ refers to an underlying interconnectedness that exists in apparently random events.  Chaos science focuses on hidden patterns, nuance, the ‘sensitivity’ of things, and the ‘rules’ for how the unpredictable leads to the new.  It is an attempt to understand the movements that create thunderstorms, raging rivers, hurricanes, jagged peaks, gnarled coastlines, and complex patterns of all sorts, from river deltas to nerves and blood vessels in our bodies.”  This, and the following, is from The Seven Life Lessons of Chaos by John Briggs and David Peat, one of the most illuminating books I’ve ever read in relation to creativity. Using nature as a metaphor for ourselves, it speaks to the need to embrace life’s constant state of flux. It’s about letting go, accepting limits, and celebrating the magic and the mystery. Chaos theory suggests that instead of resisting life’s uncertainties we should embrace them; this is where creativity enters.

“Krishnamurti argued that a deep creative appreciation of life comes only when there is enormous uncertainty…In each moment we have the opportunity to die psychologically by letting go of prejudices, mechanical habits, isolation, precious ego, images of self and world, and conceptions of past and future.  In this way we set in motion the possibility of a self-organizing perception that puts us in touch with the magic that gave us birth.”

Most of us cling so desperately to the need for certainty; lately this feels like a bit of a slippery slope. It takes a bit of mental effort to shift and be open to change, but there are real creative opportunities in doing so.

  • Thank you very much Elisabeth for this reflection on chaos. I think I’ll go get the book as a little present for Xmas. Have a nice week!

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